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After recently finalizing the 6-month VIP Mentorship Programme with Anna Nordengren, Pink Competitive, I have to tell you all – please choose Anna to be your coach into the future!

Executive coach Anna has a coaching style that challenges you both to find and to start being the best version of yourself, where you dare to push your boundaries and face your fears so you can focus and take actions toward your Big Dreams! Both in professional as well as private life.

Many THANKS to you, Anna, for the last 6 months of coaching sessions. I am now looking forward to the next level with continued coaching support from you.

Louise Jonsson

Senior Interim HR Manager

I warmly recommend Anna, she possesses the maturity and competence to fully manage your change, development and wellbeing. Anna is humble, responsive and supporting as a coach. She is devoted and zealous in her goal to change your mindset to stimulate you on the path to personal development.

Madeleine Hedenius

Executive Fundraiser

I met Anna when I struggled to get my business going while working full time as a leader. Anna’s coaching helped me take back control over my time, my thoughts and also helped me get back my motivation.

I really recommend Anna when you need a coach. Talk, listen, do and work with your mindset. And you will take steps forward.

Christina lornemark

Owner, DinStra

Anna is warm, empathic, and genuine. She combines this with a coaching style that involves exploratory questions and hands-on tips. Her coaching really helped me find the courage to finally take the step towards starting my own private practice (for therapy). 

Ulrika Linse Strömland

Lic Psychologist/Lic Psychotherapist

I contacted Anna because I was exhausted both physically and mentally after a very intense year. I needed someone that could coach me to take new actions in my life. Or in my case, maybe take less action and be more gentle and understanding with myself.

Anna has a lovely coaching style that made me feel heard and safe. She let me talk most of the time, and then all of a sudden she asked a question that really made a shift in my thinking.If you have an opportunity to be coached by Anna, just do it!


We met Anna when our company was experiencing significant strategic and operational developments. Anna supported the management team as well as other team members.

Thanks to her invaluable process of inquiry and her guidance, we were able to map out and implement several successful internal initiatives and to define our roles to best serve the company’s interests.


CEO, Bearstone Global

Anna coached me through hypnosis with her warm and calm voice, which helped me release my subconscious blockages. It was magical to be guided by her soothing voice and to hear exactly the words that pinpointed what I was longing for. After the coaching and hypnosis, I felt pleasantly calm and at inner peace, and it remained for a long time after the session. I highly recommend Anna as a coach. She meets you where you are in an empathetic and professional way.

Susann Sjöbom Steiger

Certified Coach and CBT Therapist

Anna has a great eye for details and a fantastic sense of communicating with big focus on execution and performance.


Creative Director, TOP-TOY AS

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have been working towards a goal for a long time. But over time, the joy disappeared and got replaced by stress, pressure and just an overall heavy feeling.

As I was talking to Anna, the heaviness surrounding what I wanted to create disappeared and now it feels so much lighter. Now I can see my goal again as something that is tangible and available to me. I feel light and the energy is flowing again.

I highly recommend Anna to gently help you move through the obstacle that’s standing in your way. Anna has such a gentle and caring way about her, she listens and lets you be yourself, and then asks a question… just one, that shifts everything. She really is highly skilled and amazing at what she does. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed or stressed out, Anna is there to help you out and I can not recommend her enough.”



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