Anna Nordengren

Happy New Year!

Dreams do come true, but we have to allow ourselves to dream. Let 2023 be the year when you have the courage to dream more, to expect more.

If you want my support on your journey, I have put together 4 fresh New Year’s Offers for you.

Happy New Year!

Productivity Revolution Toolkit - Now €44 (save €153!)

Learn how to Free up Time and Energy in Your Busy Schedule! Get the Mindset, Strategies, and Tools I use myself to achieve more, with less effort, without stress, and with more time over for what is really valuable in life.

Coaching sessions - 3 x 60 min - NOW €444 (save €306!)

Are you feeling stuck at your current level and want to jumpstart your 2023? In 3 powerful coaching sessions we will work together to bring clarity and gain the momentum you need to level up.

Coaching sessions - 8 x 60 min - NOW €1444 (save €556!)

What is it that will have to shift for you to allow your dream to come true? When you work with me for 8 weeks we will have the time to really dive deep and free up that hidden potential you have inside.

VIP Mentorship Program - 6 months of individual coaching - NOW €2444 (save €1256)

My powerful program with private coaching and mentoring 1-2-1. We will work together for 6 months to set audacious goals, create life-changing plans, and make sure you build a solid foundation for an amazing life on your terms.