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Anna Nordengren


I help you and your business grow so you can achieve extraordinary and sustainable results now.


You want results. I combine my long managerial experience with an intuitive ability to identify and magnify strengths and opportunities. I will help you grow into the power of your most authentic self. This is how you are able to reach your goals with more ease and create sustainable results for your businesses.

Leadership support

I help high-achieving professionals reach their goals fast and create a sustainable and meaningful lifestyle.

I work with brave leaders who feel frustrated and long for more balance, job satisfaction and meaningful results.

Sustainable leadership and personal growth

Executive coach

As a coach, I help you awaken your inner potential so that you will reach your goals faster and with more joy. I offer coaching both in-person and online.

Your needs and preferences set the framwork, and we work together towards your goals. Why not invest in individual coaching for your team members?



Being a leader or an entrepreneur can be lonesome. Who do you turn to for advice and support?

Every new level in business offers unique challenges. As a mentor, I share my experience and insights from almost 30 years in business and how I have overcome challenges in my career and personal life.

Anna Nordengren Pink Competitive

Coaching programs

What I teach is a combination of leadership theory, positive psychology and neuroscience, all rooted in a mindful awareness of us being human beings with an INFINITE potential

As an Executive coach and Mentor I help high achieving professionals boost their quality of life without giving up on their ambitious goals. 

About Pink Competitive

Sustainable leadership brings sustainable results for you and your business. 

I help high-achieving professionals reach their goals AND have a work-life balance.

Pink Competitive works with brave leaders that sometimes feel frustrated and long for more balance, work satisfaction, and more meaningful results. By combining my long managerial experience with my intuitive ability to identify and magnify strengths and opportunities, I help my clients grow into the power of their most authentic selves and achieve totally new, sustainable results.



“Anna is a reliable, hardworking professional. She combines commercial business insights with a good instinct for personal leadership.”
Paul Geraeds

CEO, Bakker.com

She has a great eye for details and a fantastic sense of communicating with big focus on execution and performance.”
Laura Louise Kristensen

Creative Director , Top-Toy AS

I was in the process of starting my own company Progreat when Anna was coaching me. Anna’s coaching helped me handle my worries and to disarm its negative power and turn them into motivation instead.

Patrik Kruse

Owner , Progreat